WIP: Butterfly Sampler (2)

This is a lot of fun to do; I have no idea what each butterfly will look like until I get the colors all in. They don’t look like any butterflies that ever lived, and I’m actually fine with that; it makes the project look more like a quilt than like a board with dead butterflies pinned to it. I think this is going to look good over our fireplace. I’m thinking about mounting it in a tray; the layout seems like a natural for that, and it would look more interesting hanging than just a regular framing job. Bonus: I haven’t found a framer here yet, and I could do the tray mount myself.

You might notice from the first photo to the second that I made a huge mistake on the first butterfly. I hate when the only difference between two symbols on a chart is that one is bold and the other isn’t. Fortunately, those two symbols appeared side by side on the second butterfly I did, so I caught the mistake early and fixed it.



  1. Wow – you’re a really quick stitcher! You’ve got loads done and it looks wonderful 🙂

    I once made an annoying mistake like this with a cross stitch chart – I didn’t realise there were 2 sizes of a “dot” symbol and stitched a fir tree with some very dark brown stitches scattered amongst the greens – doh! I thought it was strange as I was stitching but like a fool I just carried on trusting the chart. I stitched so much before I realised my mistake that I couldn’t be bothered to rip it out and ended up ditching the UFO in a drawer 😦 I never forgot the lesson though……….


    • I stitch during baseball, and now during the array of sports Alec watches that I don’t understand in the slightest. He’s tried to explain cricket to me. Just…no. *laugh*

      I absolutely loathe when they do that on charts. My eyesight isn’t all it could be to start with, and printing errors always seem to target those sets of almost identical symbols, too.


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