WIP: Saint Paul Skyline (5)


The floss I ordered arrived on schedule; in the meantime, I finished the rest of the cross-stitching (including the final building — Mickey’s Diner, completed 1934) and started the backstitching.

I don’t detest backstitching as much as other people do, and on a project like this, it’s crucial to the finish.

Look at the previous photo and this one, and see the difference in the Civic Center (the round gray building, lower left). It looks curved now, and that’s entirely due to the backstitching.

It also does something that’s really important especially for a project like this — it creates perspective. There are definite perspective layers in this project, and the backstitching will define them. Consider the trees, bridges, and the Civic Center. The trees are in front of the bridges, which are in front of the Civic Center. I was taught when I first started stitching to never do the backstitching until the rest is done, and a project like this is why. You define that perspective by which object you “give” shared backstitches to; they belong to the object in front. If you do the backstitching before both front and back objects are in place, the backstitches will fall down between the objects and not give that effect properly.

Fussy? Probably. But when all the buildings are done, it will really show why fussiness pays off sometimes.

Next time will be the finish!

(photo: original work)



  1. That looks amazing! Depending on the project depends on whether I find the backstitching annoying or not. xD I know its important and helps bring the project to life but sometimes if its a big project I can’t be bothered. xD Anyway your project looks great, can’t wait to see it finished. 🙂


    • Thanks. I’ve really enjoyed doing this, and it’s just flown by, including the backstitching. I’ll probably finish it today or early tomorrow; baseball’s on. 🙂


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