WIP: Saint Paul Skyline (4)



Well…almost. Sharp eyes may have spotted the unfinished part of the border. I have to wait on delivery of more floss (and the materials for my next project!).

Somehow in all these years, the trees are the first time I’ve used variegated floss. It’s a little bit of a pain, but I do like the effect.

New additions:

  • gray on gray lower left, St. Paul Civic Center (1972) (demolished; RiverCentre built on site)
  • gray with brown top, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts (1986)
  • bridge over trees, High Bridge (1987)
  • bridge just showing at lower center, Robert Street Bridge (1926)

(photo: original work)



    • They said by Friday, but “The further north, the more X” is definitely a theme here, so I’ll be happy to see the package by Monday. Fortunately, I can still work on the rest of the last page, and I’ve been hard at that. I’m actually looking forward to backstitching for once, because it’s absolutely going to make this one.

      I’m surprised and really pleased with this; the model photos look kind of cartoony-cute to me. I was expecting it to be a sort of fluffy piece, and it’s actually going to be quite detailed and accurate; there’s even blending to get the colors of some of the buildings right. It’s also much bigger than I was envisioning when I started, about 8X11.

      And I have baseball again. 🙂 My favorite stitching time of the year has arrived (thank you, MLB.tv!).


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