WIP: Saint Paul Skyline (2)

1/4 of Downtown St. Paul. 🙂

I was going to update this every two weeks like the last one, but it looks like I’ll be doing it per page completed; this is going fast!

More building chat….

  • Brown dome, bottom center is part of the Landmark Center (1902).
  • White-topped, bottom left is the Saint Paul Hotel (1910).
  • Three-tiered gray, bottom center is Amhoist Tower (1983) (now Landmark Towers).
  • Light and dark brown, far left are Qwest Towers (1968 & 1976) (now Market Street Towers).
  • Green dome above them is the Cathedral of St. Paul (1915).
  • Cream-colored below it is City Hall (1932) (now City Hall and County Courthouse).
  • 1st on top is the First National Bank (1931).
  • Two pale columns showing far right is the mystery building I’m still trying to identify.

I’m happy with how this is looking. It’s charted for all full stitches, but I’m using partial stitches where appropriate for the skyline buildings. The lettering isn’t charted for backstitch, but I may do it; they look ragged to me compared to everything else.

(photo: original work)


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