WIP: Saint Paul Skyline (1)

Finish one, start the next! Not an addict, nope, not me….

This will be the downtown skyline of my hometown, St. Paul, Minnesota, circa 1985. I looked for a while to find an older version that reflects what I remember best, as I haven’t lived there in some time. This chart is stylized, but it hits all the major points.

For the three people who might be interested in keeping track of the buildings in a small, Midwestern US city 30 years ago: The tall brown building is the Minnesota World Trade Center (now called Wells Fargo Place) the white one with all the windows is Kellogg Square (formerly an office building, now apartments), and the one at the bottom you can just see the top of is 1 Capital Centre Plaza (now Ecolab University Center) — all of which will be clearer when the backstitching is in.

(photo: original work)



    • I’m enjoying it a lot, and making good progress. After my last project, large blocks of one color in identifiable shapes is a relief!

      It took a while to find any chart of St. Paul, let alone an older one; Minneapolis is considered to have the cool skyline, but I’ve always had a soft spot for St. Paul’s because so many of the buildings are old, and it’s definitely not a product of urban planning. There are a lot of really nice Art Deco style ones, some Modernist, and any number of other oddities mixed in. Materials vary a lot, too; limestone and granite are both readily available in the area, so those are mixed in there with the usual brick, steel, glass, and marble.

      St. Paul was also one of the earliest adopters of the idea that the way to keep a downtown from dying is to put housing in so it becomes somebody’s neighborhood, not just the place no one goes to shop any more. It’s worked very well there, and had the added benefit of preserving the buildings as they went out of their original uses; a lot of them are repurposed as housing now. The last time I was back, it’s still a really cool place to go for a walk.

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