WIP: The Starry Night (9)

It’s been a while since I showed my progress on this. A lot of it has been confetti fill-in, so it doesn’t look like I’ve advanced much, but I’ve put in a lot of stitches.

(photo: original work)



    • It’s charted. There’s no earthly way I could manage something like this on my own; I don’t have the visual-arts chops to pull something like that off. It’ll likely go into storage for now, though framing is definitely in future plans; I’m still in search of a decent needlework shop or needlework-savvy framer in the area, though.

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        • About as original-worky as I get is minor design and color changes. I don’t have enough confidence in my knowledge of color and design to do more than that. A good example is in this project: There is a considerable amount of metallic silver floss in it. Obviously, there’s nothing like that in the painting, and I would never, ever, ever have done that on my own. I was certain for quite a while it was a horrible mistake in the chart. But take a few steps back to correct viewing distance, and the surrounding colors turn it to the rich gold color that is present in the painting. I’d never have come up with that.

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