CP: #1 Dad card

I actually finished this a couple of months ago, but I was waiting for the more appropriate time to show it. It was delivered yesterday, so here we are:

(With a bonus peek at two of my crystal spheres. The off-hue bands at the edges are tape I used to hold the cloth in place while the glue dried.)

I have to work ahead for his birthday and Father’s Day; it takes mail a while to get to him.

It’s become kind of a running joke between us for Father’s Day that since he’s a completely unconventional father to me, I find the most conventional, banal, kitschy, not-him stuff I can. Golf has been fertile ground for that over the years. This year, dress shirts and bow ties. 🙂

One year, I decided we’d missed out on one of the truly iconic Father’s day gifts: the ugly tie. So, at 40 years old, I went to K-Mart, found a menswear clerk, and told him what I wanted and why. He was in the stockroom sorting through ties for butt-ugly and bringing them to me, and the two of us had half an hour of laughing ourselves sick. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun shopping for anything.

In response, I got a photo of Tama wearing the tie, flawlessly tied. With a lavalava that clashed in every conceivable way, and shirtless.

(photo: original work)



  1. In January my man will be 50…I think a similar shopping trip might be in order. It’s an evil idea and I like it much *rubs hands together and cackles appreciatively* It will go in with one of those awful tshirts with a breast pocket, the sandals and beige trousers coming his way…

    Loving the cross stitch, used to to a lot myself!

    I am in weird sense of humour mode today, seeing the humour in everything. I could blame my hormones but it is more likely to be my joy elemental giving me a nudge 🙂


  2. Don’t forget the black socks with the sandals — they’re a must. 🙂

    I’ve got to update my progress on my current project soon; I’m lazy about taking photos.

    I’m now picturing joy doing this to you:

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      • They were an odd part of my growing up; the show ran on local public tv when I was a kid, and I watched in utter awe and confusion. I wasn’t sure *what* the hell was going on, and I didn’t understand a good 60% of what they said, but I loved it. I got Dr. Who that way, too. Tom Baker *heart*

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