WIP: The Starry Night (8)

A quick shot before I break down the stand for moving day.

(photo: original work)



    • I like that each page of the chart has something “big” to look forward to doing. I’m working on the huge double spiral in the center now. I think that’s going to make this unmistakably what it is.

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            • Can I blame my sucky baseball team, then? Our pitcher just tried to intentionally hit an opposing batter and missed. Twice. The season in a nutshell.

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                • 11-31, and losing today. I know what the world’s longest fart sounds like. *laugh*

                  At this point, I’m here for the announcers. ๐Ÿ™‚

                  Moment I’m very sad I can’t find video for:

                  During a lull in the game, the announcers are discussing bowling. Dick Bremer says he used to bowl with a league, and they did the whole thing, matching shirts with their names sewn on and all that.

                  Bert Blyleven: “Oh, so you had Dick on your shirt?”

                  Blyleven is legendary for getting those in, and taking the occasional unpaid vacation for it. “What will Bert say this season?” is a valid game to play.


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