CP: Sunflower Card

This took two marathon days: Flower and background the first, border and stripes the second.

Tama’s birthday isn’t until May, but the card has to go to Samoa, so it’s far from being too soon to have it ready.

The chart is free, from makeitcoats.com. Because of that, I had to do some color-swapping, as I use DMC flosses. As I often do when I have to do my own conversions, I went off the chart recommendations a couple of times. If anyone’s interested:

Anchor — DMC chart (my choice)
305 — 725
306 — 3820 (744)
309 — 781
310 — 434
256 — 906
258 — 904 (905)
140 — 3755
146 — 798 (793)

It was supposed to be done on a white card, but I discovered as I was about to begin that I didn’t have any. I considered doing the lines between the yellow ones in white to correct for it, but it would have spoiled the textured effect.

(photo: original work)



    • Samoa was spared in an almost spooky way. Winston was headed directly for them, then stopped dead in the water about 100 miles from Am. Samoa and went back the way it came. I was unable to get hold of him for a few days (which actually isn’t that unusual), but he said they had some high winds and rain and that was about all, and that came from another weather system entirely.

      He did say that thanks to someone using autocorrect on the main news website, this has become the local joke of the moment:

      “At 1p.m. yesterday, the cyclone had stalled for 12 hours just under 200 miles south of Pago Pago. Hans Malala, a mythologist with the Weather Office, told Samoa News around 3:30p.m. yesterday, that the cyclone was forecast to move west-southwest last night and away from American Samoa.”

      Ah, so that’s who made it stop!

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