Projects past and future

My cousin sent me a Christmas gift:


That’s the skyline of my hometown as it appeared during the time I remember it best. Meet my next project, assuming I live to see the current one done.

I had a good freakout when I opened the package. I’d found this in a box a few hours earlier; I’d thought it had been lost in the all the years of moving:


This was kind of a collaboration with my mother. The stitching is hers; the absolutely horrible poem is courtesy of teenage me. It’s so bad, I hesitated to post a photo at all.

My cousin also emailed me photos she took of a couple of projects I’d done for her dad (who’s into Santas, should you wonder) several years ago.



It’s rare for me to do projects that require finishes other than framing; I can cross-stitch all day, but I’m pretty awful at straight-up sewing.


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