WIP: The Starry Night (1)

The beginning of my new project, The Starry Night.

I’ve been looking forward to starting this. This will be the first time I can recall that I’ve worked from a corner rather than from the center, so here’s hoping I got it right.

This is definitely a case of Thou Shalt Trust the Designer. The colors…good lord. There’s silver metallic in it. Have a look at the painting and try to figure out how that works into the upper lefthand corner. Get up really close, like I am when I’m working, and it looks like someone hopelessly screwed up the color assignments; about 300 stitches in I was considering quitting, it looked so weird. “Undifferentiated blob” springs to mind.

Then I got up to do something, and when I came back, I got a look at it from hung-up distance. It looked exactly as it should, even the silver. This is really going to be something — and it’s going to be the project that slows my mad dash of the past couple of months. That’s good; I’m going to have a lot of free time on my hands shortly.



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