CP: Spider Banner


This was my first Alessandra Adelaide chart, and it won’t be my last; I really enjoyed working on it. I’m fairly sure I was sent someone else’s cloth; both the color and the measurements were wrong. It’s absolutely enormous thanks to my not being able to work on linen; the design area is about 8″ X 27″. So if someone out there got a huge piece of dark gray cloth they weren’t expecting, I hope it didn’t mess things up on your project too badly!

The color made the white not show up very well and the dark gray show up too well, and made firm my plans to change the original red at the bottom for something else; red would have looked bad on this color. I was also lacking about two inches of framing overage on each end, which made it very hard to keep the cloth in the scroll frame while I was working at the top and bottom. I still really like how it came out in spite of all that.



    • Thanks! I like how the project looks on this color; in hindsight I’d have done two things to adjust for it: Used 415 instead of white so it would show up more, and done the darkest webs with one strand rather than two so they would have moved into the background a little better.

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    • Thanks. 🙂

      It’s funny, I think this is going to be one of those attention-grabber projects. I did a pair of lions years ago that was the same way; everyone who sees it comments on it. It does look like it was much harder to do than it actually was. I’m eyeballing a butterfly chart of hers and some overdyed floss, but that would be far in the future given the monument my new project looks to be.

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